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I have to say, I was hesitant about taking an online class because I was afraid I would not be able to learn as well without being in person. was actually WAY better. Because I think as a student when you are trying to both listen/learn something new and focus on your project, you miss a lot. The closeup views were really good and very helpful. I like that the class size is somewhat limited so everyone can ask questions. And the teachers are very knowledgeable, helpful and fun! I can't wait to try to make a little teeny stamp!

Thank you so much for these very well done and excellent classes.  --Pauline

So, a pandemic and what to do?  Online jewelry classes with Little Metal Foxes!

I am a jeweler of many years and still, these classes have taught me so much. The instructors are very knowledgeable and share that knowledge with grace, humor and a wonderfully positive attitude.

I look forward to learning more from Little Metal Foxes, with or without a pandemic! --Kathleen

The box construction class taught by Julia was great. Not only is Julia well organized, but she had well organized handouts. She referred to them throughout the class to make sure we would have directions for later use on our own that they were clear and accurate. Julia is a good teacher, concise, clear and patient. She explains things in a manner that everyone from beginner to advanced students learn from her and feel comfortable in the class. No matter what the questions were, Julia knew the answers, explained the reasons and gave alternate methods to her responses. I would recommend her classes to others. --Virginia

Julia's teaching was phenomenal, and the daily "spark" or project really helped me to get my buns to the studio, and have fun with creating! Such a fresh approach to get going after our long home quarantine. Seeing what the other students and Julia created using what they had on hand with materials was eye-opening! This is a class so worth repeating, to get my mind and creativity inspired. Thanks so much!

Just want to say I LOVE what you are doing and the way you do it!! I’ve been taking classes in and around Seattle/Tacoma for several years, finally got my hobby studio set up during the pandemic and took a couple of on line hands on classes from Jennifer. Little Metal Foxes is my absolute fave! I’m able to learn through watching, interacting and doing at a fair price. Your classes are the sweet spot! Thank you!! --Kellie

Engaging, very informative demonstrations of a wide array of techniques, coupled with enough time for hands-on practice. Julia is so generous with her expertise, and her pro tips are indispensable!

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