LMF Jeweler’s Resource List

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Rio Grande - LMF Student discount code: RFSLMF (info here about how to update your Rio account to use the code)

Seattle Findings - LMF Student discount code: ME20

Pepe Tools - LMF Student discount code: Foxes10 (10% discount)

Lion Punch Forge - LMF Student discount code: Metalfoxes10 (10% discount)

Cool Tools - LMF Student discount code: FOXES (10% discount)

Rolling Mill Resources - LMF15 (for laser cut pattern sheets)

Flitz - LMF Student discount code: FOXES (10% discount)

Central Welding - Contact for a fantastic student discount - 

Mitsuru Hikime Wax - Order directly from them, not Etsy, then send an email immediately afterwards to let them know you are taking classes with us to receive 30% more wax in your order.

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Resources and communities on-line:

  • Metalsmith Society - Metalsmith Society is a community within Instagram where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge! A safe place where jewelers of all levels can ask questions and share their techniques.
  • CMAG - The Creative Metal Arts Guild (Oregon) is a not-for-profit organization of metal artists who share a common passion for learning, creation, innovation and community. We rely on our volunteer members – artists, makers, metalsmiths, jewelers, sculptors, hobbyists, business owners – to propel each other’s work forward.
  • MASSC - The Metal Arts Society of Southern California. Serves the needs and interests of artists and designers who are engaged in making craft works by providing an exchange of information on such issues as producing, teaching, exhibiting, and marketing.
  • Seattle Metals Guild
  • Ganoksin – Jeweler’s resource for everything. Check out the Bench Exchange in the Galleries section. There are several tutorials and jewelry forums for special topics.
  • Society Of American Goldsmiths
  • American Craft Council
  • Brynmorgen Press – Tim McCreight – you will find several great jewelry books, iBooks, and apps.
  • This to That – This is a great site when you are trying to figure out what and how to glue different materials together.
  • Instagram & Facebook – Create a page specifically to connect with jewelry makers and metalsmiths from your area and around the world.
  • Pinterest – Start collecting ideas, tips, tutorials, inspirations, and information. You can connect with jewelry makers and artists from your neighborhood and around the world.


  • iMakeJewelry – by Victoria Landsford, Spiral Publications. An iPhone app dedicated to the needs of jewelry artists and metalsmiths. Use this app to calculate weights and measurements and find information on precious metals and stones. Check back weekly for tips from Victoria Landsford. I highly recommend this one.
  • Metalsmith Suite – by Tim McCreight. A great resource for jewelers, with measures, conversions, and costs.
  • Rio Grande – use the app for videos and direct links to their site.

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