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Core Skills - Basics of Soldering

Core Skills - Basics of Soldering

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We developed a set of classes you can take and access anytime you need them to build your core skills. With these foundations, you will be well prepared to create your own work. They are also the essential skills you need for many of our classes. By having them accessible at any time, you don't have to wait for a class to be offered again, they are always here ready to be viewed. 

This is a pre-recorded class, available at any time after purchase. 

 Soldering is a basic and essential skill for most metalsmiths and jewelry makers. However, not all soldering situations are the same. There are many logistics to consider and ways to get the solder where you need it. During this class, we will demonstrate and discuss several different ways to solder and the various types of solder that can make connecting parts easier, with more professional results. We can also address soldering challenges each participant may be facing with projects.

We will discuss the various solders, the advantages of chip vs wire, pick vs place, balling solder, and paste solder. We will also discuss the challenges with soldering various materials that can create particular challenges.


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