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Core Skills - Basics of Sawing

Core Skills - Basics of Sawing

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We developed a set of classes you can take and access anytime you need them to build your core skills. With these foundations, you will be well prepared to create your own work. They are also the essential skills you need for many of our classes. By having them accessible at any time, you don't have to wait for a class to be offered again, they are always here ready to be viewed. 

This is a pre-recorded class, available at any time after purchase. 

Sawing (AKA piercing or fretwork,) is a basic and essential skill for metalsmiths and jewelry makers. There are many types of saws and blades, and logistics to consider to be able to saw like a pro! During this workshop, we will demonstrate and discuss all the important tools and practical skills that make sawing easier for more professional results. We will demonstrate the sawing skills in practice while working on a hands-on project with the students to produce a pendant design. A sawing template is available as an attachment. Students can choose one of the projects from the template provided or find a design of their own. 

We will discuss the various saw blades, saw frames, loading saw frame, lubricants, bench pins holding tools, ergonomics, and proper body positioning.

Demos will include: Setting up to saw, piercing, posture, holding tools, saw stroke, and saw line clean up. We also address problem-solving. We will be discussing the best options for you so you can be an informed consumer. We recommend practicing on a 20g copper sheet with a design from the provided template.

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