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Little Metal Foxes

Core Skills - Basics of Filing

Core Skills - Basics of Filing

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We developed a set of classes you can take and access anytime you need them to build your core skills. With these foundations, you will be well prepared to create your own work. They are also the essential skills you need for many of our classes. By having them accessible at any time, you don't have to wait for a class to be offered again, they are always here ready to be viewed. 

This is a pre-recorded class, available at any time after purchase. 

 Do you know how to put handles on your files properly? (Hint: shoulders should touch the ferrule…). Do you know which file in the picture needs cleaning, and how best to clean it? How about what file shapes, sizes, and cuts are used the most? Separate files for different metals? Best storage solutions? What’s this bastard for? We’ll answer all these questions and more!

You don’t need to buy anything new to benefit from this class. Come and ask all your questions before investing in delicious new files.


Supply List for Students

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Recommended Materials:

If you want to work along with the instructor to put a handle on a file, then you will need the tools listed here:

  • Hand file - 4”-6” (measurement is the area with teeth)
  • Wooden handle (Otto Frei)
  • Assorted drill bits (in the 1/8” - 3/8” range)
  • Drill
  • Optional - Silicone carbide wheels - 332193
  • Bench vise
  • Copper sheet to line bench vise jaws
  • Torch
  • Rawhide or plastic mallet
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