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Etching Resist Kit

Etching Resist Kit

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Etching Resist Kit

Included in this kit are materials and instructions for our preferred toner transfer resist. This resist works well for both chemical etching (ferric chloride, etc.) and electro-etching:

  • 1 sheet (8-1/2" x 11") Toner Transfer Paper "TTP"
  • 12" (8" wide) Green TRF Foil
  • Instructions for printing and application

Designs can be printed on the Toner Transfer Paper with most laser printers and toner-based copiers (NOT Brother brand).

These materials are available from the manufacturer ( only in larger quantities. This kit allows you to test out the resist with a single sheet of paper and a correspondingly appropriate amount of foil, instead of investing in 10 times the amount of product before you are sure it will suit your work. 

NOTE for Electro-Etching students:  Included in the Etching Kit are samples of these materials already pre-printed with designs to use while learning Electro Etching.

You will need this Resist Kit only if you wish to print your own designs to etch.


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