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04/20 Boro Glass Burnishers for Keum-boo with Tisha Abrahamsen

04/20 Boro Glass Burnishers for Keum-boo with Tisha Abrahamsen

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Sunday, April 7, 2024 
10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT 

Instructor: Tisha Abrahamsen

This class will teach jewelers who have never worked with borosilicate glass (boro) how to make their own glass burnishing tools to use for keum-boo (a process in which 24-karat gold foil is bonded to fine silver using heat and burnishing tools.)

You will learn the differences between soft glass and borosilicate glass, why you would choose boro over soft for this application, and the basics of working with boro glass using a rosebud torch head on a Smith Little Torch.

Tisha will show you how to make a variety of shapes of burnishing tools for keum-boo in a variety of sizes of ball ends, knife edge, and “the Zamboni” tool, as well as how to make your own custom tools to fit your style of work.

Demonstrations will include safety with glass and setting up an area to work with glass in the jewelry studio, the basics of the three forces to consider when working in glass (heat, gravity, and centrifugal force), and how those forces affect the movement of the glass.

You will learn how glass responds to various flame adjustments and how to repair your tool if it breaks.

Finally, Tisha will show you how to use a flex shaft and diamond discs to refine the shapes into the tool of your dreams. 

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