Jennifer Stenhouse



Jennifer’s interest in art began at an early age when her grandfather introduced her black and white photography at the age of 12. That sparked a flame for creating that has since grown into a life long passion for art and teaching. She continued studying photography and printmaking while attending the University of New Mexico. During her graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin Madison, Jennifer studied with professors that encouraged her to continue mixed media and jewelry skills. They gave Jennifer the opportunity to develop a strong base in metals techniques and design, and a better understanding of integrity to one’s craft. 

She began her teaching career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After graduate school, she began teaching at Savannah College of Art and Design. Due to the strong interest of students wanting to major in Metals and Jewelry, Jennifer proposed and developed The Metals and Jewelry Department. While in Savannah she also maintained a small studio in the historic City Market.

After departing Savannah Jennifer began teaching at the Vermont Art Exchange in North Bennington, Vermont. At VAE she taught several classes and workshops in jewelry, printmaking, and drawing. 

Jennifer moved to Seattle in 2000 and has a studio in the Ballard neighborhood. Currently, she creates jewelry, sculpture, teaches classes and workshops in the western Washington area, including North Seattle College.  She has been teaching art and jewelry classes, workshops, lectured, and exhibited throughout the U.S. and Mexico.



University of Wisconsin – Madison, Masters of Fine Arts

University of New Mexico, Bachelors of Fine Arts

Tamarind Institute / UNM, Graduate Printmaking Internship

 Julia Lowther



I was born in rural Virginia. At 8, I moved with my family to the remote Quaker community of Monteverde in the tropical mountains of Costa Rica. There we walked barefoot to school, hauled goods and people on horseback, and thought nothing of cooking dinner on a wood stove when the erratic electric power was out. Life included pie socials, building bees, few cars, no TV, and Christmas gifts made by hand. If things broke, you fixed them, if you needed something you didn’t have, you created it out of what you did have or did without it. From this upbringing, I inherited a delight in the engineering puzzles of inventing and building and easy patience with the general processes of making things.

Growing up, my hands were always busy with embroidery, crocheting, weaving, and other fiber arts. I received professional instruction in painting and drawing as well, but only discovered metalwork and jewelry when I moved to Seattle, Washington in 1996. Early in my experiments with metal, I gravitated to chains.  I find chains appealing as the unruly stiffness of wire is transformed into flexible, portable, and comfortable structures of satisfying weight. The manual dexterity gained from decades of handwork and needlework served me well and translated nicely to linking and knitting with wire.

Today I still live in Seattle, now writing articles and teaching classes on chain making, with work showcased in numerous books & magazines.

 AJ Power


When I was a kid, I watched “The Dark Crystal” by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and decided to create worlds and feed imagination. At the time, I was creating dioramas in shoeboxes with anthropomorphized flotsam -whatever was around me. My path hasn’t strayed much from this. I still draw and paint whatever is around me.

Professionally, I got my start as a commercial artist at university, reconstructing plants from fossil records before working across departments and school organizations as an illustrator. I went on to work a wide variety of jobs to supplement a freelance career a changing industry. I worked in the Sonoran Desert, West Africa, the Bering Sea, and the Amazon- allowing these places to feed a visual language that persists today.

I have my hand in a lot of creative projects: Book illustration, murals, curation among them.. but I primarily exhibit my artwork and teach Art/ Design classes in the Puget Sound area. My work can be seen on Instagram @AJPower_Studio or on my website