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Golden Kitsune Casting Wax (Mitsuro Hikime)

Golden Kitsune Casting Wax (Mitsuro Hikime)

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Classic Mitsuro Hikime wax blend

The classic Japanese Mitsuro Hikime recipe is created from beeswax, rosin, and paraffin wax or oils. This type of sculpting wax is ancient, using ingredients from nature dating back at least 1300 years in Japan. Similar wax blends have been developed and used for thousands of years around the world for lost wax casting and other applications. This particular type of wax is known for its delicate organic striations that resemble the texture of grass or flowing water. It is called “honey wax” or “taffy wax” because of the organic texture that the pulling process creates. Mitsuro Hikime roughly translated means “drawing honey texture with beeswax.”

Mitsuro Hikime  蜜蝋引き目 

Our Golden Kitsune Wax is a classic Mitsuro Hikime recipe, made in small batches with beeswax from Washington state apiaries that focus on ethically harvesting the wax and honey. This way we can help support local small apiaries with a focus on bees and hive health. The rosin mixture includes local and sustainably harvested pine resin. This gives our wax its unique texture, beautiful colors, and its subtle honey/ west-coast scent, without any dyes or added fragrances. The wax has been filtered multiple times and is ready to use. All ingredients are food-grade. Batches vary in color and have minor freckle inclusions due to the organic nature of the ingredients.

To use:

Warm up the wax in your hands until you can form a ball or, use a coffee warmer to melt the wax in a metal container and pour a small amount of wax into water. Then begin to knead the wax into a smooth ball and begin pulling and folding the wax to get the desired taffy-like texture. If the wax begins to get too warm or sticky, dip the wax or your fingers in a bowl of water. Vegetable oil will remove the wax and any stickiness from your hands.

  • Pieces of leftover wax can easily be recycled by melting and pouring into water again. The wax can be fragile after cooling. So, handle with a delicate touch.
  • Try to avoid spruing directly onto the texture where it will be seen after casting.
  • Handle with care before investing for lost wax casting. We recommend storing and transporting the finished wax pieces in a container with water.

Weights for bars vary slightly due to mold size and pour. We measure and hand-cut each bar to be sure we measure in your favor! 

Weight                 Cost        per gram cost  

2oz.     (≥57g)     $39               .70

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4oz.     (≥113g)    $73              .65

Contact us if you need a larger amount & special pricing.


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300g $162 .54 (Special batch -made to order.)

600g $260 .50 (Special batch -made to order.)

1200g $425 .425 (Special batch -made to order.)

Made by Stenhouse Studio Seattle WA

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