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01/20 Etching Steel Texture Plates

01/20 Etching Steel Texture Plates

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Saturday, January 20, 2024 
2:30 – 4:30 pm PDT

Instructor: Julia Lowther

In this short class you will learn the simplest and quickest method for chemically etching mild steel sheet with ferric chloride etchant (also works on copper, brass, or nickel silver). Make pattern plates for your rolling mill, or use the etched material itself in your work. This method has the advantage of using a very small amount of etchant for each etch. If you are curious about etching, and want to experiment a bit to see if you like it without investing a lot of time or money, then this class is for you!

You will also learn how to use uncoated waterslide decal paper and toner reactive foil to apply laser printer or photocopier toner-based ink to your metal as an etching resist. You can get remarkable detail with this resist technique, allowing you to include very fine lines in your designs.  Other resists, like Press n Peel Blue, vinyl cutouts, nail polish, etc. will also be discussed.

MG Chemicals Ferric Chloride info - including Safety Data Sheet and disposal recommendations

Article by Julia Lowther on proper disposal of jewelry “pickle” (the process and chemistry are basically the same for ferric chloride)

Skill Level: Beginner

 Zoom link and instructions for joining the call will be emailed 1 day prior to class.

This class will be recorded, and the recording will be available for students to access through their Little Metal Foxes accounts for a full month after the live class.

The class supply list is below and contains links to buy the supplies you need.


Supply List for Students

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Recommended Materials:

Recommended Tools:


Tools required for applying the toner transfer paper etching resist:

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