08/14 Kinetic Rivets


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Sunday, August 14, 2022 
2:00 - 5:00 pm PDT

Instructor: Julia Lowther

Beginning to Intermediate Levels

This class includes the video recording, which you will have access to for 30 days after the class (we've got your back if you can't attend the live class in person!).

Zoom link and instructions for joining the call will be emailed 1 day prior to class.

Check the SUPPLY LIST below. It will contain links to buy the supplies you need.

Rivets are ESSENTIAL for movement - every hinge pin is a rivet! With rivets, you can connect metal and non-metal parts without soldering. If you don’t have the option to solder, rivets are your friends, and can also connect colorful and non-metal parts to your work when glue just won’t do! We will discuss how to create secure rivets using tubes and wires, and how to set the rivets to allow attached parts to move easily. We'll also explore decorative rivets, spaced rivets, and sliding rivets.



Supply List for Students

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Recommended materials:

  • Ball, stone setting, flame or cone bur slightly larger than your drilled rivet hole -  used for countersinking, OR large drill bit, like a 5/16" twist drill will accomplish the same thing.
  • 18, 20, or 22ga sheet metal. Pieces that are under 1"x2” are great to practice with.

Rivet materials (wire can be copper/brass/sterling):





Note: 3/32" tubing will fit perfectly inside 1/8" tubing if the wall thickness is 0.014". The link above is for telescoping tubing, which is perfect for spaced rivets.

Optional tools useful if making many rivets of uniform size:


Basic Tools recommended for your bench:

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