07/11 Tools, Setup, and Safety for Enamelling with Jan Smith

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Sunday, July 11, 2021
10:00 am - 1:00 pm PDT

Instructor: Jan Smith

All Levels

Zoom link and instructions for joining the call will be emailed 1 day prior to class.

A link to a handout of information will be provided in the same email with the Zoom link.

Are you wondering what tools you need to start enameling? Trying to decide which kiln to purchase and how to vent it? This information-packed one-session workshop will answer those questions, discuss some safety and studio practices, and allow time for your questions. 

This workshop will look at studio setup specifically for enameling. We will discuss the minimum tools you need to get started and talk about enameling safety, fire safety, kiln maintenance, materials, and much more. There will be a Q&A period at the end for students to ask specific questions.

Single session, All Welcome

Some metalworking or enamel experience preferable but not essential

Lecture/demo (concurrent practice is not expected)



Supply List for Students

There are no supplies required for this class, but here is a list of things you can review for when you are ready to start enameling.

The links below will take you to RioGrande.com or other suppliers. To see prices for precious metal items, you need a free Rio Grande account. Registered Little Metal Foxes students can access Rio Grande wholesale pricing for significant savings. This site may contain Amazon and other affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission on qualifying purchases.


Enamel Suppliers

  • Enamel Art Supply Leaded Japanese enamels & tools
  • E-namels Sell Thompson, W.G. Ball, Vintage leaded enamels, Japanese leaded, Milton Bridge/Blythe leaded enamels, sunshine enamels, tools, precut shapes
  • His Glassworks Sells grinding and glass finishing/drilling and 3M Diamond sticks and pads
  • Thompson Enamels Sells Thompson liquid and granular enamels, tools, equipment, painting, and acrylic enamels
  • Rio Grande Sells Thompson enamels and supplies, assorted tools & firing supplies, kiln
  • A Painter’s Collection

Please do not purchase supplies on this list prior to class as depending on what you want to do you may not need all the items.

Basic Enamel Supplies for sifting/stoning/firing

Non-Enamel Supplies & General Studio and Safety Supplies

  • Small glass or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids to hold dry enamel (baby food jars or E-namels carries them in a number of sizes)
  • https://www.e-namels.com/category/Tools-Books-Supplies-11
  • Eyedropper
  • 2 squeeze bottle 2-4 ounces (so you can drop out distilled water a few drops at a time and mix Klyr Fire and distilled water)
  • Baking soda
  • Acid-resistant gloves
  • 4-6 plastic bottle caps, preferably same height
  • Catalogues/paper to sift on, shiny paper preferable rather than bond
  • Green Scotch-brite pad
  • Pumice powder or baking soda & vinegar or Commercial copper cleaner like Pennybrite NOT a cream-based polishing compound: this is for cleaning the copper prior to enameling
  • Metal spoon
  • Tweezers
  • Steel block
  • Block with handle, like an old iron (not perforated or patterned on the bottom)
  • A couple of sharp tools like a needle tool or old dental tools
  • Brushes
  • 24-20 Copper sheets or pieces if you prefer there are pre-cut shapes at both (don’t buy beads)

General Metalsmithing/Studio & Safety Tools:

  • Pickle
  • Torch for Annealing
  • Saw frame and saw blade or hand shears if you are cutting copper shapes out
  • Paper towels and/or rags
  • Water source or jugs of water
  • Bucket to dispose of water you stone enamels in
  • Flat trays for stoning enamels (I like old photo trays) or if stoning over sink bucket or pan to capture water and dust – you don’t want it going down the drain
  • Fire-proof surface (I have a stainless steel countertop but cement board or tiles work great if you have a wood countertop)
  • Ventilation system home built system or Vent-A-Kiln made by https://www.ventafume.com
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Respirator or dust mask N95. Half mask and cartridge. These are the best cartridges: Honeywell North 7700 Series 7781P100S, 75SCP100, or 7583P100. Almost all women need a size small. Some men need small also, but perhaps medium.
  • 1 pair of tinted eye protection recommended. Here's what I own and costs $155. These are the best though expensive. I get standard, no coating on mine.
  • OR 1 pair Less expensive option, this different tinted eye protection option.


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