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03/23 Intro to the Hammer Handpiece and the LPF Engraving Adapter

03/23 Intro to the Hammer Handpiece and the LPF Engraving Adapter

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Saturday, March 23, 2024 
10:00 am - 1:00 pm PST

Instructor: Jennifer Stenhouse

Beginning Level

Engraving is a delicate skill in jewelry that allows the jewelry to make marvelous designs and secure stones in settling. In this project-based workshop, we will introduce the Lion Punch Forge engraving adapter with the Foredom hammer handpiece. I will demonstrate how to create basic designs on sheet metal, & raise beads for setting small round faceted stones. The adapter is a good option for those wanting to learn engraving with a power tool, but want an affordable option for expensive pneumatic engravers.

Demonstrations will include a variety of ways to use the engraver to customize your designs and set objects like stones in bead settings. Students are encouraged to produce both samples with elements for jewelry applications. They can also just watch and then make pieces later. We will discuss the variety of engraver shapes and how to sharpen gravers.

Participants are encouraged to work in copper 18-22g sheet. Although sterling silver 18-22g sheet may be used to create samples and finished projects.

Prerequisite: Beginning Jewelry/Metals.

 All classes include the video recording, which you will have access to for 30 days after the class. Zoom link and instructions for joining the call will be emailed 1 day (24 hours) prior to class.

The class supply list is below and contains links to buy the supplies you need.


Supply List for Students

The links below will take you to or other suppliers. To see prices for precious metal items, you need a free Rio Grande account. Students in the Rio for Schools program enjoy wholesale benefits for six months (instructor code = RFSLMF). This site may contain Amazon and other affiliate links. If you purchase something through the link, at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission on qualifying purchases.

Recommended Materials & Tools:


  • Copper sheet. 18-22g Best way to practice. You can get sheets of copper from most hardware stores. K&S Metal Co. usually has a display with several metal sheets to choose from.
  • 3” sterling sheet. A small piece of silver is nice to practice your techniques. The width and gauge are optional depending on how you want to work and if you plan to use it for a finished piece. I’d recommend something between 16-20g.
  • Signet ring. This can be a great way to create a custom piece by engraving.



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